Destiny DTY-12R 1:12 competition kit
Destiny DTY-12R 1:12 competition kit
Destiny DTY-12R 1:12 competition kit
Destiny DTY-12R 1:12 competition kit

Destiny DTY-12R 1:12 competition kit

285,00 €
sis. 24 % ALV

DTY-12R Features

2.0mm 7075 Aluminum main chassis

Super low CG design

Ultra strength pod design

Lightweight solid rear axle (spool)

Lightweight single clamp hubs

Rear pod down stop screw for easy setting

Easily adjustable rear spring

Easy to change rear ride height axle adjusters (kit contains 0.25, 0.50 ,0.75)

Delrin double disc dampers for equal damping control in all directions

Side springs above the chassis for easy to see adjustment

Super low Roll Centre rear pivot, Ball in a hole system for strength and super free motion.

Lipo brace using a band to hold Lipo in place for quick and easy access, no tape required.

Carbon Lipo battery stop

5mm pivot balls to spread the load of the rear end and offer the most support possible

Plastic side links for a super smooth pod motion.

Aluminium servo mount

New graphite front lower arm and plastic pivot

New plastic upper arm and steering knuckle

New 7075 aluminium front lower bulkhead.  Short/long wheelbase +/-2.0mm adjustable

New 7075 aluminium caster block mount

New graphite front brace

Polished kingpin and upper hinge pin

Hard Anodised front pillow suspension balls, Silky smooth

High grade ball bearings


BRCA National Champions 2021-2022, 2019-2020


Tyres servo spur gear and Servo saver not included

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