Flysky Noble NB4
Flysky Noble NB4
Flysky Noble NB4
Flysky Noble NB4

Flysky Noble NB4

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Flysky Noble NB4 with 2 Receiver.

With the NB4 radio remote control from FlySky, driving an RC car or boat offers as much comfort as it offers technical specifications. After all, the remote control uses the new and extremely flexible AFHDS3 protocol for transmission while being ergonomically design.

In combination with this protocol, the advantages of a wireless WS2A system and the new 2.4GHz chip, a wide variety of transmitter parameters can be set dynamically. This includes channel number, channel resolution, range, anti-interference requirements and also latency. This makes it possible to freely adjust the transmitter to Your own needs via the 3.5 inch TFT display. The real-time data exchange between the transmitter and the receiver also enables increased control over the flight model with constantly updated information on temperature and speed, for example.


  • Advanced and modern radio
  • Ergonomic design with turnable wheel
  • Suitable for both right and left handers
  • Dual Battery System
  • Intelligent RF configuration
  • Less than 3ms latency
  • Also suited for simulators and games without using an external dongle via USB


Technical Specificatons:

Type:2.4GHz ISM
Frequency Protocol:AFHDS 3
Channels:4, 6, 8 (optional)
Suited RC Models:Car, Boat
Distance:>300m (Ground)
Channel Resolution:4096
Battery:- 1S / (4,2V) x 4300mAh LiPo
- 2600mAh 18650 Dual Battery
Low Voltage Warning:< 3,65V
Antenna Type:Built-in single Antenna
Display:HVGA 3,5-Inch-TFT, Resolution 320x480px
Simulator:USB Simulator
Charging Interface:Micro-USB
Data Interface:Micro-USB
Temperature Range:-10°C to +60°C
Humidity Range:20% to 95%
Online Update:Yes
Type:2.4GHz ISM
Frequency Protocol:AFHDS 3
Suited Transmitter:All  AFHDS3-transmitters
Antenna Type:Wire                             Build in                     
Data Interface:PWM/PPM/i-BUS/S.BUS
Temperature Range:-10°C to +60°C
Humidity Range:20% to 95%
Online Update:Yes


  • FlySky "NB4" Transmitter
  • Reveiver: FGr4 and FGr4S
  • USB data cable
  • Grip shell
  • Springs (S, L)
  • 2x transparent protection sticker
  • Manuals
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