MXLR Elastic Tire Glue (20g)

MXLR Elastic Tire Glue (20g)

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ehind MXLR is Max Mächler - an internationally successful RC racer.

High quality and maxclusive products - Engineered in Germany.

Each product is selected and developed with care and consideration.

No blunt relabeling - but quality as Max himself uses it in everyday racing on the race tracks of this world!

You can't just take any superglue for your tires!

There are really big differences in compositions and using the wrong glue can lead to unnecessary problems on and off the track.

MXLR Elastic Tire Glue stays elastic for a bit even after curing and offers phenomenal adhesive strength!

In our eyes, the best choice for tire gluing as it does not unnecessarily harden the bond between rubber and plastic - unlike some other glues.

The play with the tires becomes much more constant and even - to ultimately result in better performance. 

The adhesive is also perfect to glue tire sidewalls - both hollow tires and foam tires! The tire retains its ability to work because the sidewall can still move - while the adhesive remains flexible and does not become brittle.

Special composition for bonding rubber with other rubber or plastics.

The adhesive is supplied in a flexible and handy bottle - perfect for targeted dosing.

The cap includes a small integrated needle to protect the tip of the bottles from sticking. 

Developed, produced and bottled in Germany!

MAX-10-001 includes the following:

1x Superglue (20g)

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