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TS-T3M On-Road (Mid Motor) Electric Touring Car 4wd Pro Version, Carbon Fiber

  • Width: 190 mm
  • Wheelbase: 260-265 mm
  • Chassis: Carbon Fiber
  • Drivetrain: Belt
  • Car Level: PRO/Competition Version
  • Car Type: 4wd On-Road Mid Motor (pre-assembled)


1. DOUBLE SIDE MID-MOTOR MOUNT: The Mid Motor mount merges with spur gear mount in a single piece with narrow space between two mounts that allow the electronic equipment installed at center to reduce extra steering momentum move when in steering.

2. MID-MOTOR TWISTING CONTROL: The Mid Motor mount design is merged with spur gear mount in a single piece with narrow space between two mounts, so it can prevent the belt slip off when twisting in the steering.

3. BI-DIRECTION MOTOR INSTALLATION: The chassis and the mid Motor mount design can allow the motor to be installed at both sides to adapt different traction conditions and layouts. Besides, it is installed at center to ensure the chassis twisting is symmetrical in both sides.

4. GRAPHITE SUSPENSION ARM WITH ALUMINIUM PIVOT BALL: The suspension arm is made of graphite material and work with CNC made aluminum pivot ball set to allow free floating of the arm to improve the traction rolling and enhance the driving stability. Besides, the RAS shock inside is in cone shape to enhance the car driving stability in the high traction track. The top cap is hard coating has solved the wearing issue.

5. SUSPENSION IMPEDANCE ADJUSTMENT: Suspension arm is made of graphite material and assembly with aluminum pivot ball that hold by the hex nuts. Through the hex nut tighten or loosen can adjust the suspension impedance to reduce the traction rolling that should be useful in the high traction track.

6. ANTI-ROLL BAR LEVER SHAFT: The new Anti-Roll Bar Lever Shaft is made of S2 spring steel material that provide better strength. It is installed lower in the chassis in turn to lower the chassis gravity and reduce the car traction rolling for better stability. There are 5 types of thickness to be chosen (l. 2,1.4,1.6, 1.8 and 2.0) at front and rear side.

7. REDUCE AIR SHOCK (RAS) DAMPER: The Shorter Reduce Air Shock (RAS) damper is made of T061 T6 Aluminum material which is harder in strength and with coating inside to increase the smoothness in piston movement. For the top cap, it is hard coating to solve the easy wearing issue. Besides, the shock is 4 mm only which is shorter than the old version.

8. CONE SHAPE SHOCK BODY: The RAS shock inside is in cone shape for increasing the absorber pressure. For the starting section absorber, it is soft to absorb the vibration on the track. But after the starting section, the absorber become stronger to reduce the traction rolling to improve the car driving stability in the high traction track.

9. LOW GRAVITY SHOCK RETAINER: The RAS shock comes with low gravity shock retainer (-3 mm), but it also has shock retainer (-1 mm) as an option.

10. BEARING MOUNT STEERING BLOCK WITHOUT C-HUB: The steering block is hold by the aluminum joint (6061 T6 material) through bearing (4 pcs, 5 x 5 x 2.5F) without the needed of C-hub. It leads to have more accurate caster and can correct the steering block to straight very quickly after a turn. For the cluster aluminum block, it has 2°, 4° and 6°cluster for selections.

11. CASTER HOLDER FOR FRONT STEERING BLOCK: There are 3 types of aluminum steering caster block holders to change the steering block caster to 2°, 4° or 6°, but it is included 1 type only in the car kit and the others are the option part.

12. TOE IN ADJUSTMENT: The aluminum rear arm joint comes with 3 small holes to be mounted with graphite arm. It can be adjusted the toe in to 1. 5 °, 2.0° and 2.5°.

13. LOWER FRONT AND REAR SHOCK TOWER: The front and rear shock tower is lower to work with short RAS shock absorber to reduce the traction rolling which is especially useful in high traction track.

14. DIRECT DRIVE STEERING IN MIDDLE: The steering is designed concisely by one-piece steering plate that make the servo direct drive to steering block in more accurate angle with better response and stability steering. The advantage of the steering arm installed on the Upper Deck to avoid affecting the chassis twisting when steering. Besides, the middle steering arm also ensure the left/ right tum to be symmetrical.

15. SERVO FLOATING MOUNT:The floating servo mount is combined of Aluminum 6061T6 hard-coated material servo mount and 2.2 mm carbon graphite plate. The servo installed with the floating mount will not affect the chassis twisting when in the steering and let the chassis rolling and with balance in left/right steering. Besides, it comes with longer hex screws and collars that can be mounted to Upper Deck directly to enhance the chassis hardness to adapt different track conditions.

16. TWO SEPARATED UPPER DECK: The separation of Upper Deck, that can be varied the twisting capability at front and rear separately. Besides, it includes the mounting posts to mount the Upper Deck directly to vary the hardness and twisting capability to adapt the different track conditions.

17. BATTERY ADJUSTMENT:The battery mount come with 2 pcs nylon screws at front and rear to allow the adjustment of the battery move to front, or rear in the chassis. Besides, 2 pcs graphite L shape plates are allowed to adjust the battery towards or outward chassis.

18. BATTERY MOUNT PLATE:The battery mount body is made of aluminum material and the battery top mounted plate is made of 2.2 mm Carbon graphite that can be adjusted up and down through different collars thickness. For thickness 25 mm battery, 1 pc 1 mm collar is installed. For thickness 23.8 mm battery, 1 pc 2.2 mm collar is installed.

19. ALUMINIUM 30 MM AND 40 MM FAN MOUNT:With 30 mm & 40 mm aluminum fan mount installed at chassis as close to motor, for maximize the fan to dissipated the heat on the motor.

20. GOLDEN COLOR ALLOY STEEL SCREW WITH TITANIUM COATING: It comes with grade 10.9 golden color alloy steel screws with titanium coating which have better outlook appearance.

21. DRIVING SYSTEM: It is a mid-motor design with front and rear belt are the same and the pulley is installed at the center. With this design to ensure the driving power is balanced between front and rear tire without any power lost and can have better acceleration. Besides, it comes with 3 section universal CVD joint and high precision bearing.

22. SPUR GEAR, DIFF GEAR, PULLEY GEAR AND PINION GEAR: Spur Gear, Gear Diff and Pulley are all made of nylon material. For motor gear it is made by hard coated 7075 material. 

23. ALUMINIUM 6061 T6 PART: All aluminum parts are made of 6061 T6 hard-coated material with better strength.

24. SPRING STEEL CVD AND CAMBER LINK: All CVD shaft, universal shaft, camber link, front and rear spool out drive, anti-roll bar is made of spring steel S2 material with better strength and bend self-healing function.

25. CARBON GRAPHITE PARTS:14 pcs carbon parts such as chassis, Upper Deck, Suspension arm front and rear tower ...etc are made of the top grade T700 carbon graphite material with the best strength and lifetime. Besides, all screw holes, slot on the chassis are designed symmetrical at center to make sure the left/right traction rolling is the same and to achieve to reduce the car kit weight.

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