Roche Rapide P12V 1:12 Competition Pan Car Kit

Roche Rapide P12V 1:12 Competition Pan Car Kit

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Desing by Vesa Yli!

New features of the Roche Rapide P12V:

-Supernarrow and "ULCG (Ultra Low CG)" inline chassis  for better balance, easier to drive and faster cornerspeed. Rigid 2mm 7075 aluminum lipo tray & aluminum chassis structure with battery as low as possible.

-Fully adjustable & rigid "ULCG" front-end with easy access adjustment for camber, ride height and wheelbase.

-4 degree polished kingpin for super easy camber adjustment without taking the steering block out.

-Single piece lightweight 7075 aluminum steering knuckles.

-Ultra low CG & rigid 7075 aluminum motor pod structure with less 'grabbing'

-Rigid aluminum 'rear axle tube' for better bearing alignment with wheelbase and ride height adjustment.

-Fine adjustable "revolutional" center pivot brace.

-Adjustable side link width, angle & length with short and long side links (short in kit)

-Triple-hole top plate for side spring width adjustments - easy access and more fine tuning options (Soft in kit).

-Triple-hole adjustment for front to rear body balance.

-Race-proven Roche big bore center damper with hard center spring & POM piston.

-Race-proven Roche tube damper for smoothest possible damping

-Lightweight rear solid axle and lightweight aluminum wheel hub

-Black anodized 7075 aluminum turnbuckles.

-Aluminum 4.3mm steering and side tube ball cups.

-Aluminum 4.8mm center damper ball cup and ballstud.

-Large hard foam bumper.

-Special design M3x6mm ULP (Ultra Low Profile) screw with neck.

-Sanwa and Power HD & similar sizing servos fit.

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