Ruddog Digital Caliper 0-150mm

Ruddog Digital Caliper 0-150mm

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When it comes to building today's high-precision kits, a pair of calipers are a must. Ruddog Products' Digital Calipers have a measuring range from 0 mm to 150 mm and come in a handy plastic storage box to protect it against damage when not in use.


Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005"           

Power / Battery: One button cell (3.0V CR2032).



±0.03mm/0.001" (>70-200mm)

±0.04mm/0.0015" (>200-300mm)  

Working temperature: 0°C - 40°C / 41°F - 104°F

Repeatability: ±0.01mm/0.0005"       

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